"As French subsidiary of the Nederman group based in Sweden, Nederman sas has to prepare every month a financial report including both income statement and balance sheet. The datas are to be sent every first week just after the monthly closing via a software system.
  For quite many years, Comep has successfully managed to meet Nederman requests by sending the figures in due time according to the financial calendar."
  Alain DAVID - Directeur Général - Nederman SAS
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Cabinet Comptable
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The presentation file of the Finance Act 2014

11/03/14 – You will find below the link to the presentation file of the Finance Act 2014 and Amendment 2013 Cabinet COMEP organizing a presentation on 13 and 03.20.2014 at 18h as last year . You can register online via email contact@cabinet – comep.fr


Download the document…



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