"As French subsidiary of the Nederman group based in Sweden, Nederman sas has to prepare every month a financial report including both income statement and balance sheet. The datas are to be sent every first week just after the monthly closing via a software system.
  For quite many years, Comep has successfully managed to meet Nederman requests by sending the figures in due time according to the financial calendar."
  Alain DAVID - Directeur Général - Nederman SAS
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SMEs and VSEs advisory

In addition to the classic services provided by all Accounting firms, such as:

  • Accounting,
  • Social, that is: payroll, contracts, terminations, amendments etc,
  • Taxation / VAT management (CVAE, CFE, TVS,  CIT, PIT, ISF),
  • Intermediate reporting for yourself or your bank,
  • balance sheets, tax bundles, annexes,
  • The classic legal work due yearly: Annual Ordinary General Meeting, Annual reporting etc.

COMEP is also able to perform advisory services which will aim to:

  • anticipate your account management requirements such as:
    • business plans,
    • forecasts,
    • Banking support,
    • tax optimization,
    • business leader legal status’ optimization,
    • Company valuation,
    • buyout of a concurrent (or not);
  • prepare and execute a defensive management strategy for your company, either using one of the techniques described above or through the mediation of credit. This option allows you to contest the credit decision of your bank with a Credit Mediator through the Bank of France. This approach, if it does not offer absolute guarantees, gives you the opportunity to defend your credit request in the presence of the bank which refused the credit together with a third-party, and either defend the credit request or the existing credit line.

Schematically, we can define these different techniques as follows:

  • The forecast (or business plan) aims at understanding, based on the relevance of the assumptions, the profitability, the balance sheet, the break-even point, the cash level of your project on a month-to-month basis. This project can be a buy-out, an extension of the activity, a one-off investment, a creation, an external growth strategy or even a way to rethink the existing activity. This service has the advantage of showing the quadratures, such as non-reconcilable assumptions, cash inadequacies etc.
  • Banking support offers you the benefit of being able to go, with your accountant, and meet your existing banker or a new one in order to submit a request for funding. Usually this permits the reinforcing the seriousness of your credit request thanks to your accountant’s expertise, and the use, for example, of a forecasting system.
  • Tax optimization permits, either during the creation, the buy-out or throughout the life of the company, to straighten out your taxation status by identifying relevant points as well as inconsistencies.
  • Optimizing the company manager’s status should not only lead to optimized income taxation, but also permit to identify the required harmonization in terms of:
    • social protection,
    • costs of this protection,
    • health insurance,
    • employee benefit scheme,
    • classic or optional retirement;
  • Company valuation is an expert accounting technique that evaluates a company’s value precisely in view of a sale; to assess a potential acquisition; or even to sell to oneself one’s own company to immediately get the sale price without waiting for retirement, while still maintaining total control.
  • The buy-out of competing companies or of companies doing complementary activities is a useful external growth tool when:
    • the economic environment makes growth impossible,
    • you need to extend the services provided by your company to complementary / related fields,
    • your company has a good cash level that could be put to a better use,
    • your balance sheet gives you untapped borrowing capacity,
    • you need to expend geographically as external growth makes it faster,
    • there is a large number of companies for sale due to “papy boomers” going into retirement – as is currently the case.

All these techniques, together with less known ones, allow us to better help you, thus keeping true to our slogan: “You can count on us.”

Why not arrange, without any commitment, an appointment to meet and discuss your needs?


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