"As French subsidiary of the Nederman group based in Sweden, Nederman sas has to prepare every month a financial report including both income statement and balance sheet. The datas are to be sent every first week just after the monthly closing via a software system.
  For quite many years, Comep has successfully managed to meet Nederman requests by sending the figures in due time according to the financial calendar."
  Alain DAVID - Directeur Général - Nederman SAS
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Self accounting – benefits?

1/ Why should you handle your accounting yourself?

For several good reasons but above all, to be focused on your company! And also to:

  • Follow your day-to-day activity,
  • Reduce your accounting fees by 20% while having a good but cheap accountant,
  • Be constantly up-to-date, not just once a year,
  • Outsource your accounting while maintaining real-time control,
  • Learn about accounting and therefore about firm managing.

2/ How we can help you?

COMEP will grant access to your accounts via internet, allowing you to enter your own accounts online. Access to the site is done securely via a login and a password. The same company can have one or more logins, each one giving access to different options; i.e. different authority levels according to responsibility levels: manager, secretary, assistant etc. This way, you will be able to do all your company’s simple accounting operations yourself, i.e. sales, purchases and banking, anytime you want . Data entry will be done through an accounting software called EWS. Entered data passes through a “transient stage” in order to verify that the transferred files are OK, coding the information in the process for perfect secrecy. This treatment is performed every night, and our firm receives your data the next day.

3/ Prerequisites in order to do the accounting yourself: 

No skill is required. You are not expected to know accounting, nor even IT. COMEP will train you in one day or less. This training is deductible from your training tax because we are a certified “training organization”. As a prerequisite, you must have:

  • An internet access,
  • A computer (laptop or not),
  • A person in charge of accounting that will follow the training at our offices or at yours.

4/ The assistance you get from the COMEP in order to do the accounting yourself: To make a good start in the remote data entry field, COMEP firm will:

  • Assign a collaborator (or several collaborators) to you who will be in charge of your initial training, and then to following the services provided by our firm to your company,
  • Set up your folder to make the online connection operational before the training,
  • Be in charge of your customized training ; this training won’t just cover the accounting basics –  it will be based on your real accounting documents and all the types of operations will be truly addressed during your training; as a result, entering your own accounting data will be a simple process,
  • Explain to you how to store and sort all your company’s accounting documents and papers thanks to the ‘5 workbooks’ method. This method will allow you to perform a fast and intuitive data entry and will help you to effectively archive your accounting documents,
  • Show you in which account to enter each operation (there is also a “suspense and clearing account” for the operations that you cannot classify),
  • Present you all the features of your online accounting software.

5/ Assistance provided by the COMEP firm: 

Once the launching phase is done, your collaborator will follow and help you:

  • Answering all your questions by phone or by mail or in person,
  • Making the monitoring and control tasks (lettering third-party accounts, bank reconciliation, allocating items in the suspense and clearing account, etc.),
  • Incorporating additional entries related to various operations, salaries, social charges and balance sheet operations.

At the same time, the COMEP firm and its partners will keep executing the following operations in your folder:

  • Coding transmitted information to ensure complete confidentiality,
  • Performing the updates,
  • Making daily backups of your accounts.

6/ Other services provided by the COMEP firm:

As part of their mission regarding classic services, your collaborator can help and guide you in all the other areas of accounting, payroll, social, taxation, balance sheet and management. You will find the details of this mission in the “classic services” tab.

7/ What about payroll?

From the remote data entry software you can edit your old payrolls; otherwise our firm can do this for you. You will find these services in the “classic services” tab.

8/ What about management? 

Beyond the range of its classic services, COMEP firm can also perform, if requested, the following management missions:

  • Analyse / forecast the profitability or the cash position of your company or a company that you intend to buy,
  • Monitor, in real time, your profitability, using a simplified income statement, so you can control your company,
  • Follow one or two aggregates, in a dashboard, so as to optimise management control.

You will find these services in the “scorecard” tab.

Why not arrange, without any commitment, an appointment to meet and discuss your needs?

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