"As French subsidiary of the Nederman group based in Sweden, Nederman sas has to prepare every month a financial report including both income statement and balance sheet. The datas are to be sent every first week just after the monthly closing via a software system.
  For quite many years, Comep has successfully managed to meet Nederman requests by sending the figures in due time according to the financial calendar."
  Alain DAVID - Directeur Général - Nederman SAS
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Company creation

1/ Company creation :

COMEP can advise you on all types of company creation : SARL, EURL, SAS, SA, SCI… This service is designed to set up your company’s statutes so that they are perfectly suited to your needs, including, but not limited to: business tax, income tax, manager’s policy remuneration, ACCRE file, unemployment allowances management, income tax optimization for the owner, owner’s social statutes, liability towards third parties, amount of capital, contributions, current accounts remuneration, help in selecting the right auditor…


All these elements are taken into account, via a personal consultation with our lawyer, to match as much as possible your creation project needs. Thus we can provide agreement clauses so as to ensure a perfect control of the company.


Once all the pieces are pieced together, COMEP will handle the various formalities such as writing additional legal documents, publication, and deposit at the Company House. To ensure that this service is provided at the best possible price, taxes are invoiced to you at cost.


Your role as a customer consists only in signing the various acts, the firm being given the responsibility to obtain the identity card of the company for you, i.e. Kbis.



2/ And after the creation …

Throughout the life of your company, other legal documents will be required which will influence its life, and COMEP will again be able to assist you with, for example:

  • Annual General Meeting (AGM),
  • Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)
  • Preparing management reports,
  • Change of headquarters,
  • Change of managers,
  • Shares transfers between partners,
  • Capital increases in cash, in kind, by incorporation of debts,
  • Capital increases through reductions of ISF,
  • Current account reductions or write-offs so as to improving the presentation of your balance sheet,
  • Commercial leases,
  • Free occupancy agreements,
  • Holding or SCI creations so as to purchase your company’s headquarters free of charge,
  • Creation of patrimonial SCI,
  • Capital reductions or injections in order to restructure your company’s capital structure …..

For all these activities, COMEP can advise, prepare, and file these documents for you with the different organizations concerned. We will also keep the required registers based on the legal obligations related to your company.

In addition, COMEP can also put at your disposal its network of lawyers and notaries for specific acts or acts of civil life. Our aim is to ensure that we can help you benefit from our extensive legal professional network.


3 / Links with the other services:

Helping you to set-up your company can also lead to helping you in your transactions with your banker, including piecing together a financial forecast (see tab “Advisory SMEs and VSes“), or help with employment law (see “Classical Prestations” tab) to manage the life of your employment contracts; dealing with potential conflicts with employees, dismissal procedures, layoffs, certificates of employment, any account balances, employment contracts (CDI, CDD, construction contracts, part-time contracts, contracts without precise terms), as well as with simple acts as DUE.


Why not arrange, without any commitment, an appointment to discuss your project?

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