"As French subsidiary of the Nederman group based in Sweden, Nederman sas has to prepare every month a financial report including both income statement and balance sheet. The datas are to be sent every first week just after the monthly closing via a software system.
  For quite many years, Comep has successfully managed to meet Nederman requests by sending the figures in due time according to the financial calendar."
  Alain DAVID - Directeur Général - Nederman SAS
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Coffe Shop-Hotel-Restaurant

We have also developed highly specialised expertise in the restaurant, brasserie, and bar industries. We are thus able to help you with the following needs:

  • social security,
  • employment contracts,
  • collective agreements,
  • DUE, DPAE,
  • CHR accounting plans,
  • help throughout employment contracts terminations: dismissals, conventional breaks, resignations…
  • payroll specifics

We are also able to help you computerize your accounting so as to reduce your running costs. Indeed, through our EWS program, we can empower you to to access your accounts on our server via the internet. This feature will allow you to reduce the cost of running your accounting by using the services of a secure professional software without having to worry about updates, backups, and information transmission.

This inexpensive service is perfect for anyone comfortable about doing their accounting themselves: it is not necessary to have any prior knowledge in accounting or computers to successfully use it. COMEP will provide a specific 1-day training to teach you how to use our EWS solution, allowing you to reduce the cost of your accounting by up to 20%. At the same time, you will benefit from the help of a COMEP collaborator who will be in charge of all the control tasks in order to ensure that your entry is consistent and complete, to validate bank reconciliations, and make the lettering.

Why not arrange, without any commitment, an appointment to discuss your project?

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